Here we go again…only faster this time.


Here we go again. We have to be faster, brighter and more efficient. And we have to keep it going for a longer time than before. I’m referring to some of the welfare issues released by the Government today and especially those regarding the students – a segment to which I belong. I feel relieved that I am almost done being part of an educational system which made it financially possible for me to manage through University and still have a little fun while doing it. It seems to be much more difficult today. I spent a few more years than recommended (by today’s Government) before I began my education and I don’t regret spending time finding out which way to go and why. I don’t regret that at all. As a matter of fact those years were among the most important in my life so far. It was during that period I found out in which direction I wanted my life to develope. But I’m not sure if I would have chosen to spent such a long time “finding out stuff” knowing that someone would cut down my financial support if I didn’t make my choices in a hurry. Actually I believe that would have influenced my decision – and worst case scenario; I would have convinced my self that I was to be a veterinary surgeon just to do something FAST AND NOW!

It must be possible to make (us) the students speed up the process while finishing a longer education but since when have punishment been a great way to motivate?119782380_8ee4271533_m