Are blogs dangerous?


As I have mentioned before next to working here at Stagis I’m currently writing my thesis on corporate blogging. I was reading a few articles when I came across one about how blogs could come back to haunt you later in life. It might sound scary but the issue was regarding students who love sharing personal details about what they do on Friday night on one of the many blogs out there. In making private information public they could face problems (besides the obvious of having embarrassing pictures or video of you being circulated on the Internet). Some believe that the blogs ability to store and copy everything joyning a virtual community could be more dangerous than you think. The worry is about employers having a perfect opportunity to give you a back ground check when you look for a job. If your blog is full of good stories and pictures, there is a good chance it will only take seconds for the HR Director of Whatever Inc. to find it on Google. I don’t know if it’s an American worry or paranoia? What do you think? Isn’t it just the consequences of living in this century? The conclusion in the article is "these virtual communities are part of today’s student culture and are how they communicate. Student’s shouldn’t necessarily avoid being part of it altogether. They just need to make smart decisions about what they post online". I will sacrifice myself for the sake of a social experiment and leave a few drunken pictures and see what happens!!! P3090126_3 P3300145_1 P4010187_1