Conference “Samtalerne”


On the 31 st of May Stagis was one of the sponsors of a conference called Samtalerne (conversations), a pre-conference leading up to the community event Reboot8. The focus of the event was the question of how and if organizations have become ready for conversations. This means, acknowledging that conversations are the basis of communication, innovation, change and customer experiences. Conversations could for instance happen through social software tools such as blogs. The programme of the day consisted of Danish and International speakers talking about their experiences with using conversations as a tool in their daily work. The most anticipated speaker was Doc Searls the author of The Cluetrain Manifesto. This book is groundbreaking for the theory that markets are conversations and that they are human. His presence alone was exciting for the crowd and they, including myself, took notes of wisdom. Including the notion that “marketing is BS” and that the future of the markets will be driven by initiatives, for new products and services, from customers who will initially become co-creators of ideas and productions (more than we see it today). We look forward to it.