Hackney vs. Nike


Hackney council in London is threatening Nike with legal action since they became aware of the fact that the famous brand had “borrowed” the Hackney council logo for several of their products such as shirts, footballs etc. for the promotion of its grassroots football campaign for the World Cup. Nike´s comment to the case is: “Nike has produced a small range of products that celebrate Hackney Marshes as a symbol of all that is great about amateur football”. I guess there is only one amateur in this picture. It amazes me that a corporation like Nike would even think of “borrowing” a logo, unless it was their intention to get the free publicity? Imagine if the roles were reversed? There is 2 things I can think of as to why this has happened.1) Nike didn´t know that Hackney is an up and coming area of London and thought no one would notice it one their products. 2) Nike knows that Hackney council is one of the poorest ones in England and therefore thought the pay off couldn´t be that high. Regardless of what went through their minds the ride is probably not going to be free. Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe says: “I was shocked that such a huge global company would use it without even approaching us for permission” and “Nike have taken for their own profit something that belongs to the people of Hackney.” Having lived in Hackney myself (next door to the council) I know that the area could use a big injection of Nike cash towards giving kids better equipment and clothing for sports – so if that is what comes out of this case – it might not be all bad for Hackney after all.