How low is your “Bacon-number”?


I know someone who knows everyone. I mean seriously everyone. I know a person who is a living prove of the fact that there is only seven links between you and me – only in her case there is not seven but one: And she is always the one link! She is the Danish version of the theory “The Bacon Number” (if your Bacon number is relatively low, say three, it means that there is only three people between you and the actor Kevin Bacon).

And to be honest that is only the half of the truth because actually I don´t know her in person but I feel that I do. Lets just say she has had a certain influence on my working-life the past three months – she has made things a little easier so to speak.

Let me sum up and give you an idea of what we are dealing with here:

My boss (Nikolaj) and I have tried to reach a prominent politician for months but without any luck. Who knows a way in? She does.

I am about to make a paper on Organisation and Culture and ask a friend if he by any chance can recommend me some quality books on the subject. Who wrote the book he came up with? She did.

After picking up Nikolajs jacket in the airport the other day I went back to the office to send out letters to some of the people he had met on his trip to New York. One of them, an Executive Vice President in a well-known medical firm, happens to be the brother of …exactly.

While searching for different funds concerning a specific project whos name occurred in several Boards? Hers!

It would maybe scare me a bit – but not surprise me at all if she is the one standing behind the alter the day I am getting married. I am starting to realise that she in some way must be connected to the one above.