It’s Always Exciting with PostDanmark


Lately I have had a lot of experience with PostDanmark. It is always exciting what is going to happen when you mail something or when you are waiting to have something delivered, because in PostDanmark, everything is possible! …Except bringing out mail or handling packages.

I am expecting two packages from Canada, and three days ago I came home to a postformnote, that said that one of my packages had arrived and that I could pick it up at the nearest post office. Because of earlier experiences with PostDanmark, I thought that this was to good to be true. And it was. The next day there was another postformnote waiting for me to come home from work. This one was not filled out, but instead the postman had written ”wrong address, sorry” and then signed it The Postman. Wrong address what? Mine? I’m sure this is my address! Or wrong address to the Post office? I knew that the note wasn’t going to give me any answers, so I figured to wait a day or two, and see if there was going to be more notes and clues from the postman. And there was. The day after I received a new postformnote saying that there was a package for me from Canada and I could pick it up at the nearest post office, but this nearest post office had a different address than the first nearest post office? I was confused. Had a received the two packages I was expecting, and where they lying in two different post offices? Or was it the same package there by mistake was delivered at the wrong post office first, and then shipped to another? And which of these two nearest post offices is actually the one nearest?

I decided to call PostDanmark and ask, and then at the same time get the packages shipped to the post offices nearest to my work, so I also would be able to actually pick the packages up, for off cause the post offices are only open while I work.. The first lady at the customer service I talked to, wasn’t really any help, but she informed me that it would cost me 31,50 dkkr to get the package shipped from one post office to another and then she put me through to the post office where one of my packages where, so that I myself could explain what it was I wanted them to do. The lady there was also very confused about shipping a package from one place to another, and actually asked me how to do it! And then she informed me that it would cost me 33 dkkr to do so. That is 1,50 dkkr more than the first price I got, but no reason mention it, wouldn’t want to confuse the poor thing even more. I asked her if she could put me through to the other post office that had the other package, so that I also could get that one shipped, but she couldn’t and said that I had to call the costumer service again, and then they could put me through. So I called customer service again and talked to a third lady, who also was very confused about the whole shipping packages thing… I explained it, and then she said ” Oh ok, it will cost you… wait… it will cost you.. is it…. you know I twill cost you something Wright?” “Yes, 33dkkr” I answered, “but I will bring 35 just to be on the safe side, ’cause it seems that the price gets higher and higher the more people I have to talk to…”. She called the other post office where my second package might be, while I was on hold. But there was no package. She tried to explain to me why I got that many postformnotes, and said that the postman probably had used the second one as greaseproof paper.. Since I got the three notes three different days, I knew that that wasn’t the case, but again, no reason telling her that, and make the poor thing more confused. So now there was only one package to have shipped and pick up, but she was not sure how long it would take. She told me that I could try and go down to the post office the day after, and see if they had received the package. Or else just try another day.

Today is the day after, and I am soon to find out if my package is there. I will bring 50 dkkr just to be on the safe side, because you never know how many people you have to talk to, and what will happen when you are dealing with PostDanmark.