How Do I Look?
How I loathe and love doing our own identity



During the past month or two Mikkel and I have been working on the new corporate website. And yet again I remember how difficult it is to work on your own identity. Not so different from standing in front of the mirror. Most of us loathe it and love it. Loathe it most of the time, I guess. Back in ’99 I remember we were doing a Stagis brochure. It took at least six month to get it done. For any client the same task would have taken less than six weeks. Well, back in the trenches I’m hoping this will not be an all-year project. The old website is after all 5 years old and needs a serious face-lift!

15072006655So right now we’re just sketching up some ideas and Mikkel have been playing with pictures (we will include the moblog and a comment-possibility in the design) and we have been developing a solution on long copy in flash (on flash sites you’ll always find those “designed” scroll-bars only few pixels from the native scroll-bar of the browser window and they hardly ever work well so we wanted to work out a new way…). The idea came from folding a piece of paper that has to be in a confined space – in order to see any part of the copy you have to fold the top or bottom or both.

Check it out if you want – and comments are most welcome!! test