Does anyone care about grades anymore???


After 5 years of studying most students are looking forward to getting out there – getting their first job and becoming part of what other people refer to as the “real life”.(I wonder what we have been living for the last 30 years?). Before they (or should I say we) are completely done, there is one little thing they have to take care of: THE FINAL THESIS aka. specialet. I have friends who have recently come out on the other side (with some really good grades – especially the grade from their final thesis). Some have even spend so much energy on the thesis that they have downgraded their student job /work experience, just to get that all important final grade, that is the one employers will look at when you go to your first interview. Midterfoto_venstre But hey, the just mentioned friends, have now been to several interviews – but have not once (not once!) been asekd what the thesis was about or how the grade turned out. All the employers are more interested in what and how much (relevant) work you have squeezed in next to your studies. So the question im asking is: is this a special case or is that the reality of life today, that your work experience outweigh you thesis 10 to 1? Please let me know what your (both employers and ex-students) experience is? It means a lot to me because I´m trying to work that balance out as we speak!!! Work-study-work-study-work-study;-)