Managers are hiding while new opportunities disappear


As you can se elsewhere we’re trying to get a number of managers to gather around a big project (that we’ve been working on for 7 month). And at the same time as Amanda was writing the post about Bendt Bendtsen (whom she and I and everyone we know – except Villi, he couldn’t care less – wants to meet), I was talking to one of the more innovative managers in Denmark about this very subject:

Why are most managers hiding behind their secretaries?

It seems that lots of companies and managers live a culture where hiding and being impossible to get in touch with. I have no doubt that they would argue that it’s a way of making sure they spend their time on the right things (like meetings with people they know). But what are they missing out on? Lots of stupid calls, I’m sure. But what if someone called them to tell about a really brilliant idea? Are managers missing out on all the fun and the sources of new ideas?

Back to the case at hand: Amanda and I want meetings about our project with some of the top-guys. We know some of them. We can get in touch with others. And then there is that last bunch who are just hiding (until they’ve been forced to meet and find out we’re OK and THEN they are all excited).

What is the trick? Can you get me a meeting with Bendt? With Ritt? With Jess? Should we do like the guy in “My Date With Drew”?

If there’s only six degrees of seperation between us why can’t they just pick up the phone themselves – I’ll get to them sooner or later!

PS: Got a letter from Bendt today. One down. Lots more to go.