Another useful toy


Amos1_4 What do you think of designer toys? I must admit I had my problems understanding them, but then again I do get why ones can be fascinated by the super-designed, pieces. For instance Amos, a quit popular item designed by James Jarvis. In my opinion James Jarvis’ figures is great because they are great characters. Maybe it’s Jarvis combination of illustration and product design that is resulting in a lively and therefore popular product.


A danish event held in 2006 was the exhibition Dunny Show Cph. An attempt to create attention and break down borders between artist, product- and graphic designers, by inviting danish artists to decorate blank Donny Toys from Kidrobot. I don’t think the result is quit as funny or peculiar as the small dolls of Jarvis… but they are all sold out.

I recently discovered Readymechs, witch is a toy designed to be printed, cut out of paper and put together. All you need is a printer, thick paper and some double-sided tape. And then it is for free. On the site you can download any figure you like and print it out. Ready to get going? There quit a few funny pieces designed by different designers!