Do you prefer espresso or caffè latte? Interactive infotainment


Do you read Berlingske or Politiken? Do you prefer espresso or caffè latte? Are you concerned about global warming? What party do you vote for?

It sounds like a survey by STAGIS’ new partner, TNS Gallup, and it very well could be – but it isn’t. Quite the contrary it is a part of the new play, “Propaganda”, by Lotte Hansen at Edison.

At Edison they have experimented with the so-called infotainment genre for a while, but with “Propaganda” they twist it and take it to a new dimension. Something I will call interactive infotainment.

The central characteristics are a) the information flow and b) the interaction between the actors, the audience and the unfolding of the story. This concept is in “Propaganda” closely connected to the plot of the play: it is in interaction between the citizens, the politicians and the media that power is formed and established.  Structure and concept is consistent with the content. Therefore it makes very good sense.


In this specific play, the interaction is happening via personal remote-controls, where the audience respond to questions asked by the actors – e.g. do you read Berlingske or Politiken? The responses are collected, analyzed and points are made. As the play unfolds a segment profile of the audience is made and this leads and defines the story and the punch lines of the play.

Will I recommend it? The concept – yes! The play – well… that’s a different blog post, but be aware: it can be a bit too moralizing.