Shooting today for Lindorff


As you probably noticed, someone turned off the big switch to the light outside this afternoon. Still, when I went to our photo shoot for Lindorff today with photographer Mikkel (who also did fabulous OKI Identity lovecolour pics for us time ago), Mikkel easily and creatively managed to do a series of great on-the-spot photos, illustrating the Lindorff environment, people and products for use in new versions of the Danish Lindorff profile material, we are helping them do.

The day spent at Lindorff was really pleasant. I was impressed to see how natural all the employees acted in front of the camera, behaving unaffected and showing a personal magnetism, that was communicative and gives the photos an obliging human glow: So when Lindorff”s clients will be presented the product sheets etc., they’ll really see what they’ll get, when partnering with Lindorff.

Mikkel and I cruised to and from the photo-shoot in this funky old Mercedes, so that was a bonus…