STAGIS lecture at CBS today on ‘The Authentic Business’


This afternoon, November 1st from 5-6.30 pm, Nikolaj Stagis is speaking on ‘Den autentiske virksomhed’ (The Authentic Business or Organization, my free translation).

The lecture is on how a business or organization is or becomes authentic. What will a high degree of authenticity do for your business, and how can it help your organization attract and keep the right clients, customers and co-workers?

These are some of the topics and questions Nikolaj will talk about and answer on during today’s lecture, taking off from our daily work at STAGIS, where we help our clients express their authentic strengths through developing their corporate culture, design and communication .

The arrangement will be free and is hosted by Dansk Marketing Forum (DMF) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Solbjerg Plads 3, Auditorium SP113, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Participation is still open.