Facebook during business hours


Facebook during business hours – should companies try to fight or embrace it as part of today’s communication and working form?

The phenomenon of employees using the phone or the Internet during business hours for private matters is by any means not new. A study made by “IT-avisen ComON” back in march 2006 among apprx. 2.200 respondents, showed that even then 14,1 pct used the Internet between 0,5 and 1 hour on private matters during a business day and 18,3 pct use more than 1 hour….and my guess is the numbers are still increasing.
Apparently not many companies have a clear policy on the matter. Whether this is founded on fear of management unpopularity, the extent and challenges of IT security I can’t say – but since the social medias are gaining a footing and are here to stay, it clearly is a matter which should be addressed and communicated by management – and maybe even embraced?

Are medias as Fasebook, Messenger and LinkedIn just a replacement off simple e-mailing, which in fact offers companies new opportunities – where employees are receptive to advertising (as professionals and private consumers) and even more available for costumers, business partners and colleagues? Or is it yet another common time consuming occupation, which can be added to the coffee and smoking breaks? What do you think?