Entering the authentic organizational identity as ‘translator’


Last year the Corporate Governance Agency of the Danish Ministry of Culture changed it’s purpose and name. From being an “Administration Center” it was now going to leave behind some of the daily routine operations within IT and finance and focus on delivering advice and support the cultural institutions in Denmark.

”I would like to be able to see myself in my work and everything my workplace stands for. That’s what motivates me when I go to work. That you belong and know that the rest of the world sees your workplace the way you see it yourself,” says an employee.

She is one of the employees at the Governance Agency, who has experienced the shift from one organizational identity to a new one. A process that included the discovery of the organization’s authentic strengths and finding new ways of growing those particular abilities. Now, the primary role of the organization is to be the ‘translator’ between the Danish Ministry of Culture and each cultural institution.

The emplyee tells about her experiences through the identity process in the article “My personality comes along when I visit the customers”. Read the full article in English or hele artiklen på dansk (PDF).

The visual identity will go public on the agency’s website during February 2010. The mapping of the authentic organizational identity as well as the development of the identity essence and the visual identity was conducted by Stagis.