Going undercover


The Danish Broadcasting


has launched a highly interesting new weekly documentary programme called “Undercover Chef

(meaning Undercover Boss in English). The show lets CEOs experience their own

organization from a new

point of view – that of their employees and costumers. The CEO plays

the role

of a new employee under a false name as his employees patiently


him to the work routines and daily

life in his own organization.

Last week, the CEO of Danske


which is an organization managing a chain of nursing homes, worked a

few days as

a health care worker. As the visibly emotional CEO was placed

completely powerless in the

stand-up lift that constitutes an indispensable part of many of the

residents’ daily

routines, it was clear that more was at stake than simple role play.

This was a CEO achieving a deeper understanding of the emotional and

social dynamics in the organization he manages, and he left the

experience wiser and more aware of what matters most to his employees

and costumers. 

The show airs tuesday nights on DR1 and is available for streaming here (in Denmark only)