Leadership with drive


During the past few weeks I have worked on an identity project for a small management consultacy firm. Heliotrop is offering team and organizational development from the perspective of the mid-level manager. Ulla, who is behind the company has a background in the recruitment industry and as an ingineer, and this background combined with a passion for philosophy and human relations creates the forcefield from where she turns teams towards a positive and forward-looking progression.

In the design, we wanted to emphasise both the idea of the name – Heliotrop – which means turning towards the sun, and the authentic strengths we found within Heliotrop:

– Heliotrop works with the relations between individuals and organizations
– Heliotrop believes that a person’s conception of a positive future works as a powerful driver for change
– Heliotrop stimulates processes for change by questioning and challenging the the organizations perception of itself

By making a simple and clear combination of a circle – the sun – and the name – Heliotrop – we developed a system that allows the logo to change in 7 different angels. This refers to Heliotrop’s authentic strengths of ‘turning’ someone towards the sun, focus on change through process and the relation between the individual and the organization. All summed up in a dynamic logo and byline: Leadership with drive.