New Case film: Identity for the Corporate Governance Agency of the Danish Cultural Ministry


Today we’ve launched a new video about the process and the results of the new authentic identity of the Corporate Governance Agency of the Danish Cultural Ministry (Kulturministeriets Koncerncenter). The mapping of the authentic organizational identity and the creation of the visual identity was developed during the past year and this spring the new corporate website was implemented. During the process we found that the primary authentic strength that the management wanted to promote was the role of the Agency as ‘translator’. Every time the staff of the Corporate Governance Agency meets politicians, government officers or employees from the many Danish cultural institutions, they try to understand the everyday world of the institution and translate that into politics and vice-versa.

You can see the film on our website where you can also download an article with one of the Agency employees who’s bringing her personality into the everyday job as she lives out the role of the ‘translator’ between the Cultural Ministry and the cultural institutions who are the clients of the Agency.

We wrote a few blog-posts during the process. Back in October I wrote a post on finding and living the authentic identity which involved a two-day staff workshop and in November Anne was posting the authentic strengths and visuals and corporate colours from the new visual identity.