High expectations for a happy New Year


This afternoon, December 21, we are shutting down the office for almost two weeks, celebrating the holidays and the new year. The year 2010 certainly hasn’t been easy for us at Stagis – a bit of a bumpy ride. Where the global crisis of 2009 left us untouched (actually it was a very good year in many ways) we experienced more trouble during 2010. Some projects were postponed, one of our most loved public clients got notice that they would be restructured and would seize to exist and several others met obstacles on their way. And of course these things have impact on us.

During the spring and fall I found some time to get on with my book, “The Authentic Company” which I will finally be finishing during Christmas and New Year. I’m currently working on the last two chapters talking about empowerment and creating a sense of nearness. I’ve been working on the project for about three years, researching and writing. Certainly longer than I thought but quite common, other writers and researchers tell me. The book will be released in Danish during the spring and I will be working on an international edition in 2011.

On a more personal note, 2010 was difficult as I lost my Dad who died from leuchemia in July. After almost three years of fighting his disease, meeting literally hundreds of health professionals in Denmark and Germany, we had to give up. Thousands of people lose their loved ones every year to some sort of cancer and I can only recommend that you support those who are effected by the disease, if not personally then donate to those who do research or otherwise help out. In Denmark, Kræftens Bekæmpelse is a place to start.

In spite of difficulties, my hopes are high for 2011. We’ve got a record high volume of orders and projects planned for the next 12 months, we are recruiting new staff (look out for an experienced project coordinator and a creative PR and communication adviser and let them know!) and personally I’m looking forward to sharing my book with all of you. I’ll make sure to talk more about that from January onwards.

I whish every one of you happy holidays and a happy new year!