Love is in the air: Bus drivers give valentine roses – and get positive vibes back


Chauffører giver valentinesroser

On Valentines Day we launched a new campaign in the Copenhagen buses. Some 300 bus drivers handed out roses to some of their passengers in order to create conversation and good vibes. We named it ‘Good moments’ and several thousand text messages returned from happy customers who appreciate what the bus drivers are doing every day. Like waiting for a moment to pick someone up. Or giving good advice. Or telling a joke. The character of the moments are many – just like the passengers and the bus drivers themselves.

Here’s one of the messages that was recently sent as a text message to the website:

Bus driver appreciation text message

(Quick translation: The bus driver welcomed everyone in the bus this morning and now the driver is trying to comfort a baby over the loudspeaker)

Lots of local newspapers covered the story in February. Now we are working on a series of new projects, campaigns and initiatives. Last year the Danish Government decided to expand the project that Stagis started in 2007 and this year lots of projects have external visual impact. Right now we are creating a new design for ‘Chauffører med karaktér’ (bus drivers with character), a new website, outdoor campaigns and we are planning to inspire the media to forward the good stories about bus drivers in several different ways. The project is defined to run throughout 2011 and many initiatives are expected to become the new standard of the industry.