The Authentic Company – still in a state of becoming


For the past three years I’ve been working on ‘Den autentiske virksomhed’ (or, The Authentic Company, as it may be in English). Now I’m finally coming to an end. There is a full 360-page manuscript which I’m now editing to about 300 pages. I’m planning to deliver the final document to the publishing house Gyldendal Business sometime in May and hopefully see a real book looking a bit like the picture above during the summer. Besides my theory on business strategy development based on the authentic strengths of the organization, there is a string of case studies in the book. Some of them are Noma, LEGO, Ducati, Alessi, Hästens, Novozymes, BMW and Absolut. I’ve been really lucky to visit them and talk to their CEOs, owners and leaders.

During the fall I’ll tour Denmark to talk about The Authentic Company and discuss how companies of all sorts can explore and develop their strengths from within. Some of the talks are already being arranged as I receive calls almost every week from people who want to discuss authenticity and what it means. Here are some of the talks that I’m doing soon:

14. April 2011, Hewlett-Packard Denmark (workshop)
3. May 2011, Vanebryderdagen 2011, ‘Bremen’ in Copenhagen (conference)
5. May 2011, Dansk Industri (talk)
11. May 2011, Dansk Kommunikationsforening (Day seminar)
13. May 2011, Medieforbundet i DR (workshop)
23. May 2011, Danske Fysioterapeuter (talk)
23. August 2011, FTF (workshop)
10. October 2011, Master of Management Development, CBS (education)
1. November 2011, Efterskoleforeningens lederkonference (talk)

During May we’ll put more video clips from some of my talks on the website and once we get closer to the release date of the Danish book we’ll start publishing parts of the content here on the blog, on Facebook and elsewhere. We’ll make sure you get notice!

If you want to know more or want to book me for a talk, take a look at (Danish) or (English). Lots of students want to know more – don’t hesitate to write!