First site in 10 years


Last week we finally launched the new website for ‘Kastanievej Efterskole’ – a Copenhagen based independent boarding school for lower secondary students. Its been a long process of defining the new framework for the website, developing the information flow, designing, programming and finally introducing the teachers to the new website where everybody contributes to a dynamic site.
Stagis developed identity design and the schools first website 10 years ago, this is only their second site, which we hope will last for many years – if not 10 – less can make it as well!
Kastanievej is one of our oldest clients, why its been important to create a product that corresponds to their needs as well as challenge how they use their website as a tool for communication. One of the new features on the site, is a ‘daily life’ news stream where every teacher contributes with notes, pictures, movies and sound from their daily work with the students. The news will be directed to relevant pages on the site and create a vivid website, reflecting the colorful life at the boarding school.
The new website evolve the identity design as well as keeping the old spirit of the chestnut leaf which is the characteristic symbol for Kastanievej!