What is your project?


During the last few months Stagis has developed and implemented the new identity for Flakkebjerg Efterskole. The identity is developed in close collaboration with students and teachers of the boarding school. The project began with an investigation of the inherent authentic strengths of the school, by interviewing a range of students and teachers. The investigation led to 3 authentic positions, one of which direct the further development of the identity, both visually and strategically.

The obvious choice for Flakkebjerg was to focus on the core of being a project school. Already, all activities are practical and educational focused on the project approach. From learning to cook in the kitchen to develop project work within the 6 subject fields. With the new identity Stagis helped Flakkebjerg to use this strength to position themselves and use the project approach as a tool to develop and enforce how they want to continuously teach and express themselves.

The new identity plays with the idea of process and development, and the clean design gives space to vivid project content. The website navigation is based on vertical ‘curtains’ revealing content on the pages. This system refers to the idea of process and projects in a developing mode.
One of the core elements on the new web platform is a project space, driven by students who upload their current project experiments. The projects are presented as work-in-process projects, allowing the students to show what they have learned and how they got there.
The project space is directly linked to Facebook, giving students the ability to share their projects with friends and family, spreading the word of Flakkebjerg with the voice of the students themselves.

We look forward to follow future projects from Flakkebjerg at www.flakkebjergefterskole.dk