A new vision for the city of Kolding


The city of Kolding is about to undertake a great journey towards a new vision, in order to put the city on the map and make the city more attractive to future newcomers. We are proud to say that we will help Kolding reach their goal.

Recently we hosted a seminar in Kolding for one hundred of the city’s politicians, business leaders and leaders of important institutions in Kolding, in order to define the authentic strengths that Kolding should be known for now and in the years to come.

The participants at the seminar discussed scenarios based upon an anthropological study conducted earlier in the year. The study had found a number of strengths particular to Kolding. These were articulated into the following scenarios then discussed at the seminar:

1) The enterprising design city

2) The knowledgeable design city

3) The voluntary design city

4) The cultural design city

From our previous mapping of Kolding, we found that design was a well-rooted strength, and that it would be impossible to make a new vision for Kolding without it. Therefore the term ‘design city’ is repeated in all scenarios.

The participants were divided into 15 groups where they eagerly discussed each of the different scenarios in groups, and if one of these scenarios were to become the new vision of Kolding. The groups were then asked to appoint a spokesperson that were given the task to imagine themself as mayor of Kolding and speak of the effects a possible new vision would have for Kolding in the year of 2022. Every speech was remarkable in its own way, and highlighted the results of the group work. As a special feature, everyone who gave a speech carried the Mayor of Kolding’s chain.

At the end of the day the participants commented on the seminar. Everyone had had an inspiring day filled with laughter and interesting discussions. The politicians and the Mayor of Kolding took with them many new exciting ideas and inspiration, promising that this seminar would lead to real action soon.

The next step in the process will be the civic forum held in Kolding on the 21st of November with 900 citizens partaking.