The ecological municipality Lejre works with Stagis


For the past few years, Lejre Municipality in Sealand, Denmark, has been known as “the ecological municipality” and – more recently – known for an extraordinary ability to involve citizens and create social and communal, local activities. After a public tender at the end of 2015 we are happy to announce that Lejre chose to work with Stagis. We are helping the municipal communication department analyze the branding and communications initiatives completed during the past two years and on basis of our analysis we will help Lejre define guidelines for the communication and the use of the visual identity of the municipality.

In November 2014, the mayor of Lejre, Mette Touborg and Municipality Director Inger Marie Vynne, presented their efforts creating a region with a focus on the environment, organic food, solidarity and community. The degree of involvement and number of projects and activities are quite astonishing. It is clear that Lejre see their brand as activity and social interaction just as much as communication. In other words, Lejre have quickly succeeded in living the brand rather than talking about the brand. Here is one of the inspiring videos from our place branding conference “Kommunebranding” of 2014 where the Lejre team talk about their efforts and how they view branding. There are more videos from the event on our Past Events page (you can scroll down to the past years and browse videos).

During the fall I have been writing a book chapter on place branding for “Brands with a Conscience“, a book which is being published by my fellow members of Medinge Group. Nicholas Ind and Sandra Horlings are editors and we will launch the book in Amsterdam on April 1, 2016. One of my case studies is Lejre Municipality and in the chapter mayor Mette Touborg is talking about her efforts to create this special community and place brand which is humane and conscious. Among the other cities mentioned in the chapter are Bogotá and Copenhagen – including an interview with Lord Mayor Frank Jensen of the City of Copenhagen.

Medinge book cover, Brands with a Conscience

We are very proud of the collaboration with Lejre Municipality and the project will be going on through April, involving several team members from Stagis.