Re:design – Why design is key to success


Design is often related to the physical expression of your brand, but in reality design is much more than that. Therefore, the question is: “Do you know what design can do for you and your business?” At this Re:garding event, we focus on the many aspects of design and discover how it can revitalize your brand and help secure a strong place in the consumers mind. Meet the inspiring speakers, and learn how design has played a vital role in building the historic brand of the world’s oldest wine merchant, and how design can help you develop a more harmonized visual expression. Join Re:design on the 26th of May at 16.00, it you are curious on what design can do for your business.

Meet the inspiring speakers of the day:

Simon Paterson

Simon Paterson has more than 25 years of experience with strategic and creative branding and has helped some of the worlds largest international organizations, such as Shell, Oxford University and Star Alliance, find their place in the world. Among other, Simon has worked closely with the world’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd, to review and redesign their brand. Meet Simon at Re:design and learn how he has created a historic brand through a strong focus on design, and how the redesign of the Berry Bros. & Rudd brand identity served as a catalyst for the strong brand they hold today.

Torben Slothuus

As a graphic designer at Stagis, Torben Slothuus has a wide experience with developing designs that visualize the unique strengths of the brand. He has helped numerous organizations and companies strengthen their position in the mind of the consumer, and emphasize how a unified visual identity secures alignment and a clear expression. Meet him at Re:design, and learn how he has helped our most recent client go from over 100 different logo versions to a simpler visual identity that captures the essence of the brand.

Meik Brüsch og Lasse Damgaard

Many know that design is important, but few know what design can really do for your business. The two ethnologists Meik Brüsch and Lasse Damgaard have investigated the unexploited potentials of design and explored what role design plays in innovation. In their recent publication “Reflexive innovation – the hidden potential of design” they have interviewed 15 organization who have all tried to push the conventions in their industries. At Re:design Meik and Lasse talk about how design can prove to be a valuable tool for organizations and companies when complex and socially relevant solutions are developed.

How do I learn more about Re:design?
Secure your seat at Re:design on the 26th of May 2016 at 16.00 by signing up at no later than the 24th of May 2016. Feel free to bring a friend or colleague – just state his/her name in the email. Please note that Simon Paterson will be presenting in English, while Torben Slothuus and Meik Brüsch & Lasse Damgaard are presenting in Danish. We look forward to seeing you at an inspiring and engaging afternoon.

Re:garding is a series of transformational meetings that provide inspiration for your business, organization, and life in general. Each meeting offers a new topic that relates to our work and our customers’ needs, but from different perspectives: cultural, financial, aesthetic, human – presented by leaders, artists and experts from our professional world.