Celebrating 150 years of green innovation


This spring Hedeselskabet celebrated its 150-year anniversary. For the grand event with prominent guests such as Her Majesty, The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, we designed a wide range of elements expressing the identity of Hedeselskabet and it’s illustrative history. Hedeselskabet celebrated the anniversary in Viborg together with the entire board of representatives, including HM Margrethe II, who serves as patroness of Hedeselskabet. We’re happy for our ongoing collaboration with Hedeselskabet that counts projects such as developing a new purpose and strategy, designing Hedeselskabet’s new visual identity and their latest annual report. A recurring theme throughout our collaboration is the balance between Hedeselskabet’s constant push for innovation and its 150-year history.


Among the many elements designed specifically for the event were special anniversary stamps picturing Enrico Mylius Dalgas, the founder of Hedeselskabet. The stamps were designed in a distinct copper colour, which we added to Hedeselskabet’s design guide but limited to special occasions like the anniversary. The stamps were sent to all 2500 members of Hedeselskabet together with the magazine Vækst, which we redesigned in 2015


Special cufflinks and pendants for the guests attending the anniversary celebration were also designed and produced. Both had the shape of Hedeselskabet’s logo, and had the years 1866 — 2016 engraved on the back to signify the remarkable anniversary.

Not all elements were as extravagant. For the anniversary celebration we also designed and produced classic and simple umbrellas for the guests, so they could walk from the red carpet to the assembly room without getting wet. The umbrellas had wooden handles that were formed like the handle of a walking stick like the one Dalgas, the founder of Hedeselskabet, is often portrayed with. On the tables in the assembly room, the guests could find menus and place cards also designed by Stagis. Here we also used the copper colour to make the cards appear elegant yet rustic.

_031 Museum lille

On the occasion of the anniversary and to increase recognition of Hedeselskabet’s complex organization, we designed an illustration, which was framed and presented to HM The Queen. The illustration pictured a tree symbolizing Hedeselskabet’s structure with its subsidiary companies Orbicon, HedeDanmark, Xergi, ENRICOM, and DDH Forest as the branches. The members and the employees were illustrated as the foundation and the roots of the tree.