Say hello to Anna our new junior anthropologist


Anna Lyster-Clausen, Stagis’ first techno-anthropologist, has joined our team as a junior anthropologist. Techno-anthropology is a relatively new, but increasingly important academic field studying human interaction — with each other, but also with technology and the developers of technology. Anna can help us explore what our dependency on so many different devices, social platforms, and systems mean for the way we behave, collaborate, and socialize as humans, and what that means for the services and the brand of a company.

With Anna’s theoretical background we’re able to add a valuable new supplementary perspective to our anthropological studies. Although society hasn’t reached the stage of Blade Runner’esque replicants, technology is becoming such an integrated and living part of our lives and the way we work that it deserves real attention. Anna’s anthropological skills and theoretical background will be helping brand consultants and strategists better understand the internal strengths of our clients and the needs of their customers.

An alternative career path

Before venturing into techno-anthropology, Anna had a background as a midwife working intimately with people on hospitals in both Denmark and Norway. Since then, she has helped deliver over 100 babies on some of the biggest maternity wards in Denmark.

“As a midwife, I have experienced people in many different situations. As a helping hand and support during one of the most special moments in life, I have become exceptionally good at detecting needs and developed a great listening skill. My knowledge about people it definitely something I can use in my job as an anthropologist”

Anna’s education in Techno-Anthropology, allows her to combine her strong social competencies from being a midwife with a methodological approach for studying the people that she’s so interested in. One of Anna’s greatest interests is the wonderful complex nature of organizational culture, a topic that challenges her analytical mind.

We already love having her around!