The fine art of Re:positioning the brand


To make it in today’s business environment, characterized by emerging trends, a rapidly changing media landscape, evolving consumer needs, and fierce competition, brands need to constantly evaluate and redefine their market position. At this Re:garding event some of the most skilled speakers join us to share their perspective on the fine art of (re)positioning brands – no matter if it is a nation, city, brand, product or service. Join Re:position on August 25 2016 at 5.00 PM and learn more about why some brands make it, while others break it in today’s business environment.

Meet the speakers at Re:position:

David Zahle


The award winning Project and Design Architect at BIG, David Zahle is one of the most influential architects in Denmark and the brain behind some of the worlds most spectacular and innovative buildings and design projects, such as Stavanger Concert House and the prize winning Amager Resource Center. Meet him at Re:position where he talks about the Copenhagen Harbor Bath and how it has contributed to the reposition of Islands Brygge as a new social and cultural part of Copenhagen. David Zahle explains how architectural projects can serve as a catalyst for turning around urban and public open spaces.

Nikolaj Stagis


During Nikolaj Stagis’ 20 years of experience, he has helped numerous brands reposition themselves in new and creative ways. At Re:position the brand expert and CEO at Stagis presents the creative case of repositioning OKI printers in a new modern interior design industry previously unknown to the printer giant and the story of Hästens beds, a company Nikolaj has researched and described in his book Den autentiske virksomhed. Join the event, and learn how the fine art of repositioning can be undertaken by brands, and why it is so important to constantly reevaluate the market position.

How do I join Re:position?

Join Re:position on August 25 2016 at 17.00 by signing up no later than August 23, 2016. Feel free to bring a friend or colleague – just state his/her name in the name-box. We look forward to seeing you at an inspiring and engaging afternoon.