Stagis to transform the Fisheries and Maritime Museum


The Fisheries and Maritime Museum (Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet) has joined forces with Stagis as a part of the museum’s vision to create experiences that people speak about. Traditionally, fishery have been one of the most important industries in Denmark, and today the museum is one of the most influential actors in preserving, collecting, and mediating this part of Danish cultural heritage. Over the course of the next two years, we will help the museum transform into a vibrant and modern brand, and support their ambition to continuously develop into a modern and relevant attraction to both local and international audiences.

“Our collaboration with Stagis is the first step towards considering the Fisheries and Maritime Museum as a brand, and not just a museum. I look forward to strengthen the brand of the museum and to exploit the potentials within branding and design”

David Mouritzen, CEO
Fisheries and Maritime Museum




Strengthening the visual expression

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum is facing a renewal and revitalization of the brand and the organization. As the first step in our exciting collaboration, we upgrade the existing visual identity of the museum and develop a design guide with new guidelines on how the visual identity should be used across digital and printed media. Through these guidelines, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum will express a more modern and coherent feel that contributes to one strong interpretation of the museum. We have also been working with the art-direction and how we can pass on the great stories and news from the museum in a more efficient, modern and interesting way. The new layout integrates the images that we have been directing and the result is clear and the message is better told.








In for the long haul

In connection with the revitalization of the brand, several areas of the museum will also be rethought, conceptualized and realized, and Stagis will help to launch this project. This collaboration will create a visual and conceptual consistency in all facets of the museum. The Fisheries and Maritime Museum wants to stand for exciting research projects, vivid stories and great exhibitions. The areas around the museum have a lot of untapped potential. We have already begun the work on some of them and we have a lot of exciting ideas for the rest – all in keep with the maritime focus.

We look very much forward to working closely with the Fisheries and Maritime Museum and to help them revitalize their important brand.

Stay updated on the Journal and follow the museum’s transformation. Until then, you can see how we have developed Hedeselskabet’s brand and visual identity.