Henrik Binzer will drive the growth of Stagis


Today I’m pleased to announce that Henrik Binzer joins Stagis as Managing Director and partner. He takes on the job with a shared goal of growing Stagis to four times the size in 2020 and a bold ambition of changing the way Danish companies think about strategic branding in the future.

Director with commercial background

We have been looking for an experienced director with a commercial mindset and a background from the branding and communications business to help Stagis grow to the next level. I feel confident we’ve found the right person in Henrik.

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Henrik Binzer has 16 years of experience as corporate advisor in the fields of strategy development, branding and marketing. He comes from a role as Managing Director for the Copenhagen branch of the Danish ad agency setup Agency Spring. Before that, Henrik was the sales and marketing director of the media company Commute Media which he helped grow from a newly founded niche concept to a full-grown media company just a few years later. Earlier on, Henrik was partner in the business to business agency Cross-Border Communications and he started his career in Denmarks biggest integrated marketing firm Kunde & Co. Henrik is also married and has three children and he lives in Hillerød.

“I’ve always had a passion for the creation and development of brands that achieve commercial succes. By joining Stagis I get a specialized consulting company and at the same time a business which is ready to set it’s mark and grow bigger. I’m looking very much forward to take responsibility over the day-to-day business and I’m pleased to step into the company as partner and part owner of Stagis,” Henrik said in an interview yesterday. Henrik is the first partner to join Stagis since I founded the company in 1997.

A new role for the Danish brand agencies

We want to develop the category of strategic brand agencies in Denmark and we want to be at the forefront of that movement. In Denmark there is not the same category of strategically driven brand agencies that you find in the US or the UK. On those markets many brand driven companies consider their brand consultants important partners who help develop the growth of the business. Some of the most established brand agencies such as Wolff Olins and later Saffron as well as Prophet and Interbrand offer combined competencies within analysis, strategy and design at a very high level.

In Denmark most companies receive those competencies from specialized partners and in the process of connecting and combining different inputs from various advisors the coherence and synergy is often lost. Just as it was one of the guiding principles for some of my icons and friends such as Wally Olins, it’s also an important part of our ideology and working principle at Stagis; the organizational culture, the vision, the strategy and the design and image of the company has to be connected by the same identity and idea. One of the practical ways of building that coherence in the brand is by putting the people who develop the strategy and the visual identity in the same room. Or in the same consulting company, which is the case for Stagis.

I think our chairman Thomas Hertz was thinking about that journey when he commented in an interview yesterday:

“Henrik Binzer is a good captain for the Stagis team with his commercial background. With Henrik as our Managing Director i believe that Stagis has the potential to be an important advisor to companies and that we can take an even bigger role in defining what a Danish strategy-driven brand agency is in the future”.

Ambitious growth plan towards 2020

As I’ve been mentioning before in this Journal, we want to grow Stagis to become a bigger company. We want to increase our list of clients three fold and increase our team of cross-disciplinary brand consultants to over 20 consultants within a four-year period towards 2020.

“My primary objective is to focus and commercialize Stagis. We want to help medium sized and large companies to grow and prosper by developing their purpose and help the live their brands more effectively. We will be hiring more consultants with extensive experience beginning already in the first quarter of 2017,” said Henrik Binzer yesterday.

My focus is strategy development

Personally I will be focusing on counseling on brand development and strategy at executive and board level. As Henrik and I will be sharing the responsibilities of running the company I look very much forward to spending more time on advising companies and help them go through the process of developing their future identity and brand. My passion and my best quality, I think, is to help develop business strategy and organizational development in order to create brands that not only communicate and claim who they are but actually live and deliver their brand. In my new role as Director of Strategy and member of our board I will focus on delivering value to the executives and board members who want to transform their business and their brand. 

Meet Henrik Binzer at Re:attract

If you want to meet Henrik, please call us. You are always welcome to contact us directly, we are just a phone call away. Or you can join us on November 24th in our Copenhagen office when we gather for the next Re:garding event, this time with the title “Re:attract” focusing on attraction and attractively in several forms and shapes. Henrik will be introducing himself and deliver a talk on attractive brands which I’m sure will be inspiring. You can read more about Re:attract and sign up on our event page