Medinge Group discuss conscious brands at Copenhagen Business School


In their new book Brands With a Conscience, the international branding think tank Medinge Group promote the need for conscious brands. During their first visit in Copenhagen, Medinge Group and Stagis co-hosted a branding conference at Copenhagen Business School where the participants learned more about the new international brand agenda.

During the conference, participants learned about some of the cases from the book when Simon Paterson and Nicholas Ind from Medinge Group presented successful cases on conscious brands. We also learned how Velux manages their brand during a time with increased demands for responsibility and how the dutch chocholate brand Tony’s Chocolonely has applied an alternative approach to creating a brand that is more humane and conscious.

We are very pleased that Copenhagen Business School was committed to hosting this event, and especially send a big thanks to Professor Mogens Bjerre who gave an inspiring presentation on the evolution of the branding discipline.

Watch the livestream and see photos

If you missed the conference, you can revisit the different presentations on Medinge Groups Facebook page, where the entire event was livestreamed.

We have also gathered a selection of photos from the conference at Copenhagen Business School.


The participants enjoyed a light breakfast before the conference started.



Speakers and participants discussed the central points from the talks and had the chance to ask questions to the speakers..


Professor at CBS, Mogens Bjerre gave an inspiring presentation on the evolution of the branding practice..


Professor and author Nicholas Ind talked about the necessity of conscious brands and talked about the case of Patagonia..


Brand expert and founder of Stagis, Nikolaj Stagis talked about purpose and gave examples on successful place brands in Denmark..


The branding conference was live streamed from Medinge Groups Facebook page..


Founder of Tony’s Chocholonely, Maurice Dekkers gave an inspiring presentation on why the chocolate brand has become the big success it is today..


Mikkel Stott Olsen from Velux told the participants how Velux balances responsibility and business..


Brand Strategists Simon Paterson and Erika Uffindell told about the inspiring case of John Lewis.