Re:discovering business potential through deep insights


How well do you know your customers and the strengths that make your organization unique? At our first Re:garding event of 2017, we set of on a journey of discovery that focused on insights as the foundation for branding, development, and innovation. We learned how to develop a business, product, and service by activating and listening to insights from the organization and customers.

Frederik Wiedemann


Frederik Wiedemann has 15 years of experience with data driven innovation and business development from ReD Associates and as Digital Director at Politiken. At Re:discover, Frederik talked about how different types of data can drive insights and innovation. Furthermore, Frederik shed light on some pitfalls when taking on a data driven strategy.

Christian Kirk Muff


Creative Director at Empatii, Christian Kirk Muff, shared details from his work and how he digs up information in the most unusual places. He talked about his research in relation to Vestas’ global training program and let the audience choose what they wanted to hear more about – his search for Mogens Amdi Petersen or the attempt to find Stein Baggers missing money.

Nikolaj Stagis


Nikolaj Stagis has spent the last 20 years helping private and public clients find their authentic strengths. At Re:discover, Nikolaj took us through his method for mapping an organization’s strengths and explained how the most successful brands have managed to attain strong positions based on what they do best.