Re:act your brand to make it jump off the white pages and into real life


Creating a truly vibrant brand means implementing the appropriate behavior and creating a culture that runs through the entire organization – from management to staff and all the way to the customer experience. At Re:act, we focus on the necessity of living the brand in all aspects of the organization – from service design to communication activities across situations and touch points.

At Re:act, you can meet the speakers:

Alfred Josefsen


Alfred Josefsen is a Danish leadership guru, writer, and mentor. Alfred is known to most Danes as the charismatic leader behind the supermarket chain Irma. He has written the books Kære Irma (Dear Irma), Min passion for ledelse (My passion for leadership) and recently I øjenhøjde (At eye level) which contains 100 columns that was printed in newspapers on leadership. At Re:act he will talk about the leadership style that helped Irma become a uniquely positive customer experience and talk about his view on leadership as the primary way of creating value for both the employees and the company.

Nicholas Ind


We have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Nicholas Ind, Associate Professor at Oslo School of Management. Nicholas is the author of the bestseller Living the Brand (2007) and co-author of the new must-read Brand Desire (2016). At Re:Act, he will unfold the benefits of living the brand across situations and touch points and draw on examples of some of the most inspiring brands who practice every day. Nicholas is author of 15 books on branding and innovation and is one of the founding members of The Medinge Group.

Nikolaj Stagis


Nikolaj Stagis, Director of Strategy at Stagis, will talk about the power of authenticity in achieving a brand with correlation between all activities. Drawing on the case of the Bus Industry in Greater Copenhagen, Nikolaj will explain how cultural and behavioral development can transform how the employees perform their job and perceived themselves. The project won the Danish Communication Prize in 2012 and led to a better brand experience and a complete change in image and perception of the Danish bus drivers.

Join Re:act

Join Re:act on May 31, 2017 at 5 pm by signing up no later than May 29, 2017. Feel free to bring a friend or colleague – just make sure he/she sign up as well. We look forward to seeing you at an inspiring and engaging afternoon. Nicholas Ind will present in English whereas the presentations by Alfred Josefsen and Nikolaj Stagis will be held in Danish.