Celebrating 20 years of transformation


In 1997, I founded Stagis with the ambition of transforming businesses into flourishing brands. Back then I thought we were an ad agency with a creative and design oriented edge. Later on I found out that what we were doing was to explore and develop the brands of companies and organizations. In the blink of an eye 20 years has passed. We’ve helped more businesses, organizations and startups than I can count, we’ve survived two financial crisis and Stagis is still an independent company.

On August 25, we are celebrating 20 years of developing brand strategy, design and communication for more than 500 businesses, cities and organizations.

Obviously, 20 years of doing business is not all success. There are many experiments, failures and learning experiences. But running a business for so many years in a competitive environment is an achievement in itself. At Stagis we want to celebrate that with clients, business partners, former staff members, colleagues in the design and communications industry and friends. Without all of you, we would not have been where we are today. Join us for cold drinks, tones of summer, snacks and a party that never ends – well, at least not until the morning rays hits us.

Program August 25

16.30 Celebration, 20 blooming ideas & tones of summer
18.00 Summer snacks
19.00 Party, 20 drinks & summer hits

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