Four new consultants joins Stagis


Over the summer we have welcomed a handful of new consultants to the Stagis team. They come out of different professional worlds, all touching upon the spheres of business strategy, branding and communications. You can meet all four of these wonderful people here with a brief introduction and a personal quote. If you like to meet people face to face and you haven’t met our new colleagues already, I highly recommend you to book a meeting or join us at the next Re:garding event on October 12.

Alberte Michelle Nimb


Alberte contributes to the strategic and executing level of companies’ branding and communication. She holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Organizational Communication. Alberte has experience within marketing and sales consulting, which is also put to use in her daily work at Stagis.

“Only by communicating the authentic characteristics of your identity you will be perceived as trustworthy and valuable”

Mathias Løjborg Poulsen


Mathias applies anthropological research methods to understand the social and cultural dynamics that form challenges and opportunities in business. By extracting deep insights Mathias helps organizations discover and translate cultural meaning into strategy.

“The strongest brands not only strive to understand culture, they dream of shaping it”

Kirstine Juhl


Kirstine has experience with corporate communication and change management. As a junior consultant at Stagis she supports our customers in leveraging the potential of effective internal communication. She is also a part of Stagis’ marketing efforts. Kirstine holds a degree in Communication and Digital Media from Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

“Authentic brands are built from the inside out, and effective internal communication plays a significant role in branding success”

Maja Kirk


Maja advises organizations in strategic communication from a journalistic point of view. She focuses on opportunities and strengths in an organization and translates them into carefully targeted messages. She has studied Communication from The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

“Great communication starts within the organization. Find the stories you might not even notice are there, but will revolutionize the way the world sees you”