Creating strong brand and market position for disability association


LOBPA was founded as an association with a burning ambition of enabling people with disabilities to take control and live a free and independent life. That is not an easy task. In the nine years, LOBPA has existed, they have been working for the rights of people with severe disabilities, influencing Danish politicians, municipalities, and barriers in our society.

We are proud to be working with a passionate organization that has a strong purpose. We are currently helping LOBPA become the best version of itself in order to create the best possible conditions for people with disabilities.

Photo above: Nikolaj Stagis, CEO at Stagis, Jesper Mathiesen, Membership Consultant, Steen Pihl Jørgensen, CEO, and Lis Volke, Communications Consultant.

Exploring LOBPA’s potentials as a business
LOBPA is operating in a complex and sensitive market with a wide range of stakeholders and target groups. Because people with disabilities have the responsibility for their personal care assistants, they basically become small business owners. LOBPA has hundreds of customers and employs 1,200 personal assistants.

“LOBPA is a passionate organization that has the potential to set a higher standard in the disability services. Our goal is to activate the inherent strengths of the organization and develop a successful company with a strong purpose-driven brand.”

Nikolaj Stagis
CEO, Stagis

Through an extensive 18-month branding process, we will be helping LOBPA discover and activate their potentials to develop the brand and business. We will help set the future strategic direction, develop a brand- and marketing strategy, define their purpose, and design a visual identity. We will be involving all layers of the organization in the process. So far we have worked with the board, management, and employees.

Our goal is to enable LOBPA to become a purpose-driven organization with the power to improve the conditions for people with disabilities. We will help improve their services and strengthen their brand image to build a stronger market presence.

Transform your brand
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