ChangeGroup transform digital practices. We transformed their brand


The IT consultants ChangeGroup wanted to develop their business and explore their potentials. The company was slowly becoming more than a sales organization and strived to become a strategic advisor to the customers. We delivered the strategy that transformed the brand. We developed a visual identity that clearly expresses the strengths of ChangeGroup and a customer-centric website that increased the number of visitors and time spent on the site by 20%.

Identity exploration and strategic direction

The inherent characteristics of an organization give valuable inspiration for innovation and formulation of purpose. To identify the potentials of ChangeGroup, we interviewed the board, the founder and CEO, employees, and freelance IT consultants who were working with the company. We developed four strategic directions. Each demonstrated a possible future scenario containing different possibilities, initiatives, and advantages. Each scenario also reflected different purposes for the future ChangeGroup.

4 Scenarios

The board decided to focus on the scenario “Transformation through teams”.

“We were challenged to think of new ways of innovating our business and positioning ChangeGroup strategically in the market. Because every scenario was based on our inherent strengths, we recognized ourselves in each one of them.”

Helle Ørsted
Founder and CEO

Brand design

ChangeGroup’s visual image brings the brand identity to life through a modern yet professional look. We developed a visual identity that positions the brand as a strategic advisor with a personal touch to empathize partnership and digital transformation. The circles in the logo are an illustration of a team while the square symbolizes an individual that creates change within the team.

We chose the typography Neue Haas Grotesk to signify the professional, contemporary and easy-to-approach characteristics of ChangeGroup.

The color scheme offers both a conservative and more expressive visual look. The violet primary colour gives the brand professional authority in a more personal way. It differentiates the brand from both conservative competitors and smaller and younger consultant businesses. The secondary colors add a playful expression which is important to the new team-oriented brand.

Expanding the logo in eternity

Cropping a part of the circles and the square of the logo we created a graphic pattern that communicates the brand visually. The pattern can be used to create an effect or communicate the brand in an elegant manner.

Telling the story through images

We produced new photography that tells the story of the ChangeGroup team creating change, development, and learning. The images are warm and natural and contain elements of sharp and blurred. The style provides depth and highlights the human story of the image.

High touch illustrations

We expressed the human side of the ChangeGroup brand in graphic illustrations that have a quirky style and humoristic approach to certain elements in the new digital identity, such as the website contact page and the newsletter. 

Increasing sales with customer-centric website

A broad range of services and many new technologies challenged the clarity of ChangeGroups online communication. We created a digital strategy making the online presence a tool for the business. We created a customer-centric website that boosts sales and communicates the strengths of ChangeGroup’s brand across mobile devices and desktops. The new website resulted in 20% more visitors, a 20% increase in time spent on the site, and more inquiries from potential customers.

“Refreshing our brand and website has improved the recruitment process in several ways. We now get more inquiries from consultants wanting to join our team because they have a good understanding of who ChangeGroup are, and our services and values are communicated clearly.”

Katrine Krogbeck
Head of Recruiting

Transform your brand 

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