If U got it – flaunt it!


Are you who you say you are? The world is filled with people who pretend, act or even lie their way to an identity different from their real one. Would you trust them, invite them into yor house, let them take care of your investments or just your pet? No – of course you would not!

Well, but what if we weren’t talking about people but companies – would that be different?

Should it be different?

The fact is that many large brands base themselves on business values that are quite different from the dreams they market!

The new “big thing” will be transparency and autenticity – and that also goes for the supply chain too. Shall we say “from stable to table”!

Danish fashion brand NOIR is one of the first companies in the highly idealized fashion business, to market high fashion clothing with a history that is actually worth telling – seen from a humanistic perspective.

Normally all storries from the world of international fashion are focusing on the designer, the lavish embroideries, the models and the shows … but what about the supply-chain? The poor farmers in Africa or the workers in India and China?

For the above mentioned brand – clarity and insight is natural. Noir has fully public annual reports on finances and a larger percentage of the years profit goes into a fund. A fund that support the farmers in Africa where Noir fabrics are produced, supporting know-how, supporting school for the farmers children and developing the society in general. See – that’s a story worth telling!