Stagis Team-blogging Coming Up!


Today the Stagis-team is beginning to blog. During the next month we’ll be practicing blogging and in mid-february we’ll launch the site in a new design and go public.

A few of the tools we’ll be using (as any good blog should contain them):


lots of them and including credits – reading blogs is a cool way of surfing the net (check this one for instance)

Personal tone of voice

both your own and the voice of the group which will develop over time


well, this is also done by others than our team. But the way we write may help people comment


this is not part of defining blogs in general but I suggest it should be part of ours. Could be pictures, video, sound and so on…

Our blog will be run on the enthusiasm of whatever our interests are; what we do together as well as things we find interesting or appealing. Everything from design to news, last nights party to technology of tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing where it’ll take us!