Moblogging (blogging with your mobile phone)


Recently an innovations-expert working with one of our clients asked me, what people were to do if they were not so keen on writing. Let’s say you want to make blogging a part of your organizations sensemaking (the ongoing conversation about “what are we doing” and “who are we”) and you realize, that some of the organizations members are not all that good at spelling (or they hate writing or don’t work near a computer). Well, here’s a solution: Moblogging (mobile weblogging).

The idea is, you simply take pictures (and maybe write a few words) with your cell-phone and then upload them directly to your blog from your phone. It’s quite easy once you get it going. As always, the it-part of it is not difficult – making sense of it and doing it on an ongoing basis is the hard part!

I’ve startet mine the other day:

Stagis Moblog


One of the pictures in the moblog is from the auditing and consulting form Deloitte which I visited the other day