Play it again vs. the authentic position


Eric Weaver writes about competitive marketing and has a few healthy thoughts on the paradoxes of marketing as it has developed for quite a number of marketers; doing the same thing over and over again, not caring that people try to avoid “advertising” in the word’s most common sense: “If they don’t get it, just yell louder!”.

In a recent post on his blog Eric mentions how marketers use the Direct Marketing dicipline to try and break through spam-filters as well as the mental barriers of consumers who just don’t want to be disturbed by any company’s “Oh so nice offer”.

It makes me think of the relation between effort and uniqueness; the lesser the value of your offer, the more you have to fight to market it. So how about considering your offer to start with? Does it really convey value to those you are trying to reach?

Knud Romer, one of my friends and a freelance creative consultant at STAGIS once illustrated this relation for a group of marketing executives at Coca-Cola by suggesting them to do a simple competition with a 1 million dollar prize. You wouldn’t have to spend any money on ads – if the prize is big enough, everyone is going to talk about it. The example serves to explain how things get talked about and searched for if the proposal is interesting. Lots of examples within arts and fashion show the same.

So, next time you consider the costs of spamming (one danish client of mine recently considered taking on the cost of fines he would receive for spamming), maybe try and think of how you can design a more intruiging offer. And hence a bigger interest in what you have to say.

You can either “Play it again” or consider your strategic platform – is your statement showing that you are in a different ballgame? If what you have to say is authentic and different the rest is easy!