The blog as a tool for building authentic organizational identities


Hans Henrik left one of the first comments on our newly released STAGIS blog, asking a couple of questions (thanks for a great ignition of a number of thoughts, Hans Henrik!).

First, why english? Well, we discussed it and considering the following issues we decided to go ahead and write in english:

– We work (and have worked) with clients, consultants and subcontractors outside of Denmark. And some danish clients who have a different heritage than danish and are not as efficient readers in danish as they are in english (Hello, Pat, Hello, Kees)

– Some of the issues we work with (organizational sensemaking processes as a source of identity-creation or corporate branding) seems to have a market that goes beyond Copenhagen or Denmark and hence we want others than the danes to understand what we are discussing

– The blogosphere is nowhere and everywhere and certainly cross-cultural and cross-lingual. So we thought we’d welcome anyone finding our thoughts interesting by writing in a more common tongue than danish and hence allowing them to comment and participate in the sensemaking process which is certainly authentic for us.

I guess that brings us on to the second question: Why is our Blogroll linking (more) to the outside world than our own? Good question. I guess at this point that is our blogging-culture. There are a few places where we link to each others comments. Mostly I think we read each others posts and they inspire us to write the next post of our own. So in a sense the links are mental and not physical… I think I’lll take your question as a piece of advice – it might be easier for you and others to navigate our thoughts if we link more to each other.

Finally you ask about internal effects of the blog (note the word “effect” – corporate blogging is not just another piece of PR-toy or “soft stuff for HR-girls”, as some have been implying). One of the challenges I meet when talking about blogs in an organizational context is the multitude of purposes and effects that can be taken into account: there are so many (changing) uses both internally and externally. Recently we started a happiness-coaching-session (check out Karstens and Amandas posts) and for that discussion we are using a password-protected blog because we want to create the feeling of freedom to express whatever is on the mind of the seven participants in the project. So the blog you are reading (and writing) now has more of a multi-purpose function and some of our other blogs and wikis cover other needs.