Bloggers aren’t media, they’re real


Today I read an amusing, yet disturbing article on the danish Kommunikationsforum with the title “Blogospheric PR”. The author David Michelsen seems to have just come across blogs (in this case not corporate blogs but personal ones – the real thing which have been around for almost a decade) and have gotten the impression that blogs are media and bloggers are fools to be manipulated with ingenuity.

Under headlines like “Let’s play ball” and “The blogger is the medium” he claims that a pressrelease addressed to a blog is a hybrid between a personal note and news for the public. But when did bloggers become interested in pressreleases? Most of them are ordinary people who are interested in real debate with other people. Send them anything that has the slightest resemblance of a pressrelease and you’re sure to be banned from their site and cursed. The article talks of balance and how you should incorporate the name of the blogger in your pressrelease. But wait a second; when did any blogger start considering him- or herself a media? I certainly haven’t come across anyone who felt that way.

Before you even consider this, consider that the entire line of thought is about cheating someone into believing that you’re making a personal connection when in fact you’re not. When was the last time that worked? Do you remember being at a dinner-party, lying someone in their face and getting a great relationship afterwards? No? Maybe because that’s not how the world turns. And these days anyone and especially any blogger will tell wether you’re truthful or not. Authentic relations cannot be imitated.

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