Corporate Blogging


If the deeper mysteries of corporate bloggins still aren’t crystal clear to you, I just want to share a very interesting link with you.

I haven’t been too much around this blog, but enough to identify it as more than interesting to any blogger with just a hint of corporate blogging interest. Debbie Weil is an American consultant on web, blogging, rss, podCasting, email and much more tech-related communication. Her blog is a treasury of links and information on blogging.

Her blog is now an integrated part of my menu-bar. Read her views on just about anything blog-related, or go directly to the links along the right hand side of her blog: if there is someone CEO blogging, he or she will be in this links-list!

BlogWrite for CEOsDebbie09

For eksample you can read her views on the danger of bloggers attacking your business or brand: