Why are executives afraid of blogging?


Why is it that the huge growth in blogs is from private users rather than companies? There is especially a lack of blogs from management in large companies. According to an article in Business Week

out of the Fortune 500 only 4.4% of the companies have a corporate blog. They might have a large number of blogs in the company for instance regarding technical issues or products but not from management level. This trend is not only an American phenomenon. The Danish press also reports that Danish companies are lacking behind with regards to corporate blogs. What are they afraid of? Is blogging simply not suited for the executive level of an organization? Is it to risky, are they afraid of giving to much away and making mistakes that will be sent out in the sphere for everyone to see. I can only guess what the reasons are, but it would be much more interesting to hear what the executives have to say themselves. So if you are one and have worries about blogging please share them with us.