The last few weeks I have scanned the daily press for articles about blogging – because the journalists are finally catching on to the trend – and it seems they are nearly convinced that blogging is here to stay. This is positive news for me, because I´m going to use the next 6 month writing my thesis on the subject corporate blogging. So for me personally the more interesting articles, blogs, and discussions the better. My only hang up is that every time I read an article about blogging, the latest being (blog, blær og boykot, Berlingske Tidende) by journalist Dorte Toft, Arla always seems to be mentioned. I´m as tired of hearing about Arla as I am about Mohammed…Yes I know Arla was one of the first Danish corporations to embrace blogging, but there has to be more to life than dairy products?! So I´m I bitter? No, because the beauty of blogs is that because Dorte and others journalists are now running their own blogs I can start my quest (to let journalist know that there are other companies than Arla who are blogging) by commenting on their blogs.