CPH – Company Problem Headache?


We all know that this summer hasn’t been great for CPH airport. The queue in security has been awful and usually the airport has blamed the security because thy have been on strikes and so forth. Having spent (to much) time in CPH airport lately, I find myself puzzled by the fact that it isnt a problem with the people at security as such. Pressamrcairplanebig_1The problem why I’m always half an hour to an hour late when I take of is because I sit on the plane waiting for people who hasn’t come through security. Is it because we have a tight security and we all have to take our shoes of one at the time and cant bring fluids on board in our hand luggage (Like in the UK)? Is it because these people checked-in to late? No, its because there are two places to go through security in CPH Airport. These to places are in each end of the airport and one entrance has 3000 people waiting in line and the other about 30! Obviously not everyone knows that there is an entrance with only 30 people waiting in line for security – but you would think that the staff in the airport and maybe the communication department would know about it and think that it would be a good idea to tell people? But who are these people – do the even exist. Is there any communication department in the airport? I don’t know…I have never seen (or heard) them. Last time I decided to change queue (because I had a flash back of the short line in the other end of the airport) I thought that someone surely would have tried to let us (the merry 3000) know that there was no queue in the other end…When i to my surprise saw that there was only 30 people waiting in line I asked the guy in the security why there was no one informing people that this was the case, so that people wouldn’t be late for their flights – i thought he might have blamed the infamous communication department. But guess who’s fault it was…the passengers standing in the long line. Because, as he explained to me its because when people have chosen a queue the are reluctant to move from that specific queue?! Its practically impossible to move them. He also mentioned that they did have people on site walking around telling people that there was a better chance of getting through security (maybe that day!) in the other end of the airport. Hm… again I most admit my eyes couldn’t see them. Maybe communication in CPH airport takes place in a parallel universe?

The airport seem pretty confident though….I found this wonderful site I can visit to write about my best experience in CPH airport – so maybe I will do that;-)