Why there is no editor on a corporate blog


I have just red the comment on my post on Lego. It was well hidden, Søren 😉

I agree that it is a challenge to write in a language that everybody understands. You can never be sure that people read and understand what you “put out there” just the way you want it to be red and understood. That is a chance you will have to take when you communicate and you must be willing to take the possible heat afterwards – I’m prepared to do both 😉

How far can you go? Well, I believe you know that when you are a part of a team and when you are a normally sane, commonsensical and reasonable person. Of course I would never go any further than my responsibility concerning STAGIS – and my responsibility as a human being – allows me to go. Which means that I would never write anything I felt could harm anyone in anyway. Nor do anything on purpose to damage our relations to clients, colleagues and other relations. That would be very cruel and also very, very stupid.

That is why you don’t find anything specific about our meeting with Lego System a/s in my post. A meeting which by the way went fantastic and was both a pleasant and an educational experience. And that is also why you don’t find any names on people who participated in the meeting, in my post.

What you do find is a description of my boss and I playing in the hall – because to us that is what Lego is about. Playing. And if anyone is exposed I believe it’s us.

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that it is the “voice of a company”. And it wouldn’t be that if we had an editor, say for an instance if Nikolaj were editing our posts before saving them on our weblog.

If that was the case it wouldn´t be a corporate blog, would it?