Blogs will disappear!


Medium_banroedlangspoegelsedetalje_1This is the prediction of Jeremy Wright. He doesn’t mean that they will suddenly disappear like ghosts – but will become such an integrated part of company websites that they will soon be forgotten as buzzwords. He also strongly believe that blogs as a communication medium will never die – because it is a medium and most communication mediums that go mainstream takes a long time, even decades, to die. Look at things like fax, letters and phones. I dont know when and if blogs goes mainstream. It really varies from the different conversations I have, how much people know about blogs. The other day I was worried that the subject of my thesis "corporate blogging" had gone mainstream but then I watched TV2’s breakfast show (TV2 provides opportunities for creating a blog from their website) where they talked about private blogs as "the new and hip" thing on the Internet. That calmed me down a bit – but I took it as a sign from above that I should finish my thesis in the next few weeks before its "old news" 😉